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Photos are my life.

I'm Brenda, portrait and event photographer in Grass Valley, California. I consider it a privilege to tell stories through my images.

With the help of my fiancée and business partner Josh, I hope to provide a friendly and fun photographic experience that you can cherish for years to come. I strive to offer you heirloom-quality products and put care into every piece that leaves our studio, from our hands to your home.

Based in of Grass Valley, California

Serving Nevada County and the greater Sacramento area

We frequently travel throughout California and beyond.

More about Brenda...

I’m a super-mom, entrepreneur, and athlete

My other gig is a photojournalist

I love gardening and home-cooked meals

I am a sucker for unfiltered ginger ale, lemon, and lavender

I love star gazing and watching the sunrise, but not usually in the same day

My techie gadgetry out number my jewelry

I am mixed-handed or cross-dominant. Meaning: I write left, but throw right. Don’t ask me to throw left-handed or you're in for a good laugh

I believe in abundance, optimism, and letting karma do it's thing

More about Josh...

I am a dad, athlete, and amazing cook

I moonlight as a strength training coach

I'll cave for a good Cuban cafe con leche

I am the brawn behind the beauty

I can pull a plane, really!

Nothing comes between me and my coffee

If the question is bacon, the answer is yes

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